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PKF Chile Finanzas Corporativas Ltda. is a subsidiary of PKF Chile. It has a prestigious team of outstanding professionals, experts in financial matters.



Controlled and minority equity

Right to use and bare right of ownership


Physical and intangible assets

Structured and contingent liabilities

Biological assets

Works of art

Financial Studies:

Cost of capital

Financial projections

Models of fair compensation

Projects Formulation and evaluation

Budget formulation and control analysis

Optimal financial structures

Scenarios financial analysis and prospective simulation

Value impairment testing (IAS 36 + USGAAP 142 and 144) formulation and review

Models for estimation and hedging effectiveness

Actuarial studies and calculations

Business models

 Competition and regulation:

Transfer Pricing studies

Advice on establishing models for competitive equilibrium prices

Development of models for pricing in regulated or high concentration markets

Models and tariff studies

Conceptualizing of business model

Market concentration

Industrial sector analysis

Economic projections

Assistance in transactions:


Data Rooms preparing and managing

Development of information memorandums and prospects

Business due diligence

Support on management financial information:

Costing models formulation, evaluation and implementation

Management control models development and evaluation

Accounting models formulation, evaluation and implementation

Management audit


The team is led by:


Sr. Héctor Osorio G.

  • Business Administration Student, Université Libre des Sciences de l'Entreprise et des Technologies de Bruxelles.
  • Master´s Degree in Economics, Universidad de Chile.
  • Magister in Military Science, Academia de Guerra, Ejército de Chile.
  • Magister in Finance, Universidad de Chile.
  • Accountant & Auditor, Universidad de Concepción.
  • Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, National Defense University, WDC.

                                                  Dr. Rafael Romero M.

  • Doctor of Business Administration in Finance, Boston University.
  • Master of Arts in Economics, Boston University.
  • Business Management and B.A. in Economics, Universidad de Chile.


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