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Forensic Audit Seminar

12 abr. 2018

Santiago, Chile.- Last Wednesday, April 11 took place the Forensic Audit Seminar at Neruda Hotel. It was organized by PKF Chile and Universidad de Concepción. The topics addressed by each of the speakers were as follows:

  •  Mr. Jorge Badillo (President of the Latin American Federation of Internal Auditors - FLAI): Method for the Detection of Financial Crimes.
  • Ms. Angélica Céspedes (Director of the Chilean Association of Corporate Compliance and Ethics A.G.): ISO 37.001 and other prevention mechanisms.
  • Mr. Tomás Kosh (Financial Analysis Unit - Head of Inspection and Compliance Division): Corruption and Money Laundering.

The Seminar had a great response, more than 150 attendants from different sectors and government entities.  At the end of the activity, there was a panel discussion led by Mr. Héctor Osorio, Partner of PKF Chile, where attendants had an active exchange with speakers.

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